Monday, September 12, 2016

New Location for Tuesday Night Tags

The location for Tuesday evening tag night has been moved from the Harwinton Library to the Harwinton Senior Center, 209 Weingart Road, Harwinton, CT. The time is still 6:45 pm.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Corrected Harwinton Residents' Baking Contest Recipe

Corrected Version


Filling                                                          Crust          

8 cups zucchini (peeled and sliced                    4 cups flour
approx. ¼ thick)                                            ½ tsp. salt
2/3 cup lemon juice                                         2 cups sugar
1 cup sugar                                                    1 ½ cup margarine
½ tsp cinnamon                                             1 tsp cinnamon*
¼ tsp nutmeg

Start by preparing crust. Combine the first 3 ingredients in a large bowl. Then cut in margarine until crumbly. Set aside.
To make filling, cook zucchini in lemon juice and sugar* until tender (a few minutes).
Then add nutmeg & cinnamon and simmer 3 to 4 minutes longer. Add ½ cup of crust mix to thicken. Set aside to cool.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Pat ½ of crust mixture into the bottom of 11x17 jelly roll pan. Bake for 10 minutes. Pour on the cooled filling.
Add 1 tsp cinnamon to remaining crust mix and sprinkle over top. Bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes. Cool and slice into squares.



Monday, August 15, 2016

2016 Premium Fair Books Are Ready

The premium fair books for 2016 are ready and have been mailed. Anyone who is a member of the Society should be receiving one this week. Also, anyone who exhibited in our fair in the past will be sent a book.

If you would like to receive a book this year, please contact our secretary, Lisa Shimels or a director. All the fair information is in the book, along with exhibitor entry forms and deadlines.

Volunteers Needed!

The Harwinton  Agricultural Society is looking for  volunteers to help us prepare for the 160th Annual Harwinton Fair on September 30th, October 1st & 2nd. We depend on our members & volunteers who make this fair possible each year. Any time you would be willing to give us will be greatly appreciated. It is a rewarding experience to be a part of this event. The people involved are hardworking and do have a good time!

Work nights are held every Tuesday from 5:00 pm on at the fairgrounds to do painting, maintenance and upgrades to the facilities. Contact any director or members and come join us!

2016 Scholarship Winners Announced

Every year the Harwinton Agricultural Society awards two $1,500.00 scholarships to area students who are pursuing higher educations in agricultural fields and non-agricultural fields who have been a part of fair.

Sarah Ammirato was awarded our 2016 agricultural scholarship of $1,500.00 on August 8th at the meeting of the Harwinton Agricultural Society's Board of Directors. She graduated from Wamogo Regional High School this June and will be attending the University of Connecticut in the fall. Sarah is pursuing a career in the the field of Agricultural Education working toward a degree in agricultural teaching.

Philip Weingart was awarded our 2016 non-agricultural scholarship of $1,500.00 at the August 8th meeting of the Society's Board of Directors. He attended Lewis Mills High School and graduated this June. In the fall Philip will be attending Old Dominion University in Virginia, pursuing a career in engineering. He has been a volunteer at our fair, and constructed a new Wood chopping building under the Eagle Scout program. The Society would like to thank him for his hard work and time given to us. We wish Philip continued success in the future.

For additional information on our scholarship award program, visit our website. These awards are available to a student either entering a college level educational program or continuing in a college level program.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Scholarship Applications

The Harwinton Agricultural Society will be giving two scholarships this year, each for $1500.00.The deadline for scholarship applications is June 30, 2016. Go to "Fair Scholarships" tab for information about them. You can print out the application from the website.

2015 Premium Checks No Longer Valid

Due to fraudulent activity on our Premium Checking account, these checks can no longer be cashed. If you still have a premium check you would like to cash, please contact Judy (860) 485-9054 to make arrangements to replace your check. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused because of this action. Unfortunately, the dishonest people in this world have managed to create another situation we all have to deal with again!!!